Alex Hearle

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Alex is a highly experienced writer, producer, director crossing back and forth between glossy high-end specialist factual shows and engaging features programming. He has made both feature-length, series & one-hour programmes, with and without on-screen talent, for BBC 1 & 2, Channels 4 & 5 and a host of US networks that include Discovery, National Geographic International and Smithsonian. 

With strong visual flare and a nose for a great story, Alex has shot all over the world. From the US, Russia and China to the Arctic Circle, Alaska and South Africa. His films cover everything from murder/mystery, as in the blue-chip series, Mummies Alive, for multiple broadcasters to capturing the awe-inspiring imagery of the UK from the air in Channel 4’s Flying Across Britain with Arthur Williams. 

Alex is also highly experienced with using CGI, special effects & graphics [How the Universe Works, Life Before Birth and WWII's Greatest Raids - Discovery Science, Discovery & Smithsonian respectively]. Blending with a driving narrative, his shows bring complex and challenging subjects into the mainstream TV arena. 

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Producer/Director/Edit Producer - Flying Across Britain with Arthur Williams [Channel 4] 

4 x 1 hour - Ex Marine & pilot Arthur Williams goes above and beyond in this stunning aerial tour of the UK and its quintessentially British airfields. From exploring the highlands of Scotland to the depths of the southwest, Arthur meets the aviation enthusiasts, who are as passionate about flying as he is.

Series Drama/Doc Producer/Director/Edit Producer - WWII's Most Daring Raids [Smithsonian] 

6 x 1 hours. Using drama, live ammunition demos, CGI, high-end gaming technology and personal testimonies, WWII's Most Daring Raids investigates some of the most audacious missions of World War Two.

Writer/Producer/Director/Edit Producer - Mummies Alive! [Multiple Broadcasters] 

6 x 1 hours. Landmark series exploring 6 mummies across the world. Using specialist photography, hyper-real CGI and compelling interviews, Mummies Alive unlocks the mysteries from their remains. For the first time these mummified ancestors transport us across the gulf of time and reveal their enthralling lives.

Writer/Producer/Director - Horizon: Man on Mars: Mission to the Red Planet [BBC]

Horizon goes behind the scenes as NASA squares up to the challenges they face sending humans to Mars. To make it, astronauts will need to endure everything from lethal doses of space radiation to the mind-blowing claustrophobia of a tiny habitat. It's the most daring space adventure since the Apollo missions of the 1960's and 70's. But with NASA having not put humans further than earth orbit for over 40 years, is a multimillion-mile journey to the Red Planet a step too far?

Writer/Producer/Director/Edit Producer - Curiosity: Life Before Birth [Discovery]

Presented by Courtney Cox and made for Discovery's high-profile Curiosity strand...the film uses scientifically accurate models, CGI and medical imagery to reveal the human foetus’s extraordinary journey of life...from conception to birth.

 Director/Edit Producer - Engineering the Impossible: Egypt [Discovery]

1x120’ - Using amazing access and ‘big-scale’ experiments, Discovery Channel’s Engineering the Impossible takes the man who built the ‘Bird’s Nest’ Olympic Stadium, Steve Burrows, into the world of ancient Egypt. His mission; to re-examine how a long-gone civilization built some of the most extraordinary structures on the planet. He turns decades of academically accepted construction theories on their heads using his own unique engineering vision.

Director/Edit Producer - UFO's The Secret Evidence [Channel 4]

1 x 120’ - Feature-length documentary presented by defence journalist Nick Cook, the film examines six decades of UFO sightings from a sceptical perspective. On a journey across America and Russia, Cook discovers how governments used ‘Ufology’ as a tool of disinformation to hide, amongst other things, the development and testing of high-tech aircraft.

Writer/Producer/Director/Edit Producer - Shroud of Christ? [Channel 4]

When Swiss textile expert Mechthild Flury-Lemberg carried out vital restoration work on the 700-year-old Turin Shroud, she sensationally claimed that the 1988 carbon dating could be wrong - that the Shroud may be 1st century. Using drama reconstruction and special effects, the film explores the evidence and questions raised by the original scientific dating. Press reviews - Choice – The Independent on Sunday. Fascinating Documentary – Observer. Pick of the Day – Daily Mail. Watch this – The Guardian.

 Writer/Producer/Director/Edit Producer - Truth Behind: Noah's Ark [National Geographic]

Could one of the greatest biblical tales - Noah's Ark - really be true? The show brings together believers and sceptics. Shot on what is believed to be the final resting place of the ark - Mount Ararat - the film uses CGI, revealing experiments, engaging interviews and a surprising rare archaeological find to reveal what really may have happened at the time of the great flood.