Anna Keel

Anna has made many single 60’ documentaries, where the focus is often on one or more individual characters and their place in the greater story. She is a highly-skilled camera operator and has shot all of her own films.

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Visual flair and a strong sense of story - Anna brings over a decade of experience as highly skilled self-shooting Producer /Director. She has made many globally successful single docs and major award winning series. Her single films often focus on one or more individual characters and their place in the wider subject area; examining the macrocosm through the microcosm in order to tell extraordinary, thought provoking stories in thoroughly engaging ways.

Cutting her director’s teeth on popular formats, Anna won a commission for her debut single doc, “Glamour Models, Mum & Me” in 2010 for BBC3, which went on to be one of the channel’s highest rating documentaries and has subsequently sold around the world. She is often drawn to the sensitive, controversial subject matters explored in films such as “Britain’s Hidden Homeless”, “Diary of a Teen Transsexual” and the Mind Media Award nominated “Football’s Suicide Secret” and "Depression, Teen Mums and Me".

Anna has an excellent track record in gaining and maintaining access in sensitive situations including prisons, hospitals, schools and filming with vulnerable adults. BBC and Raindance Film School trained, she has also written and directed drama screened at international film festivals.