Annabel Gillings

Annabel 1.jpeg

Annabel is an award-winning documentary and drama documentary director, with multiple Grierson and BAFTA nominations, (including two nominations for Best Director: Factual).

She finds the story and human warmth in even the most abstract of subjects and has made films on the origin of the Universe (Human Universe), nuclear disasters (Is Nuclear Power Safe?), and the nature of Human memory (How Does Your Memory Work?).

She has also tackled highly personal and sensitive subjects (with actuality filming), having filmed drug users discussing the damage, the death of an old man from cancer and - more cheerfully - several births.

In each case Annabel brings the story to life with visual flair and ambition, and an original perspective.

Annabel is highly versatile - she series produced the BBC’s first comedy science panel show in the form of ‘Six Degrees of Separation’ hosted Prof Brian Cox.