Catey Sexton

Catey's first film “One Hundred Something”, commissioned as part of first time directors strand, Metroland, won The Special Prize at the Prix Circum and Gold Award at Worldfest. She directed various films for Ch4’s Cutting Edge and BBC One Life strand. Catey's film as part of “Secret Millionaire” series was nominated for a BAFTA, Royal Television Society, and Broadcast Award. Great Ormond Street series 3 was BAFTA Nominated in 2016 Awards for Best Factual Series

·       Excellent story telling skills - directed observational films as well as current affairs, arts, archive documentaries and drama docs.

·       Extensive experience in negotiating institutional access, with schools, prisons, MOD,  hospitals and the police.

·       Extensive compliance experience with young vulnerable people, criminal & mental health issues and combat ops.

·       Managed large production teams, as well as overseeing producers and directors in the edit.



Channel 5 - Raped, My Story (2017)

90' for Lambent Productions - Execs Emma Wakefield and Ollie Tait - Comm Editor Guy Gavies

10 people who have all been raped, speak out for the first time about what happened to them. But only one of their stories will end with a guilty verdict. Told directly to camera, their extraordinarily honest accounts reveal first-hand how a case is won or lost.

This film reveals the real stories behind the statistics. Through the testimony of 10 survivors, the experience from the emotional and psychological impact to the interrogation of the legal process is very honestly brought to life. Every account reflects a deeply personal experience, but common themes echo across the film, giving us extraordinary insight into what victims think and feel, how they are treated, and what determines and informs their actions afterwards.

BBC 1 - Prison, My Parents and Me (2016)

TrueVision – Exec Brian Woods – Comm Editor Clare Paterson

A groundbreaking Children in Need special: exploring the devastating outcomes for children who lose a parent to the criminal justice system.

Guardian – "Prison, My Parents and Me was desperately sad and amazingly inspirational".  Nov 2016


ITV – The Cruise – Series Producer/Director (2015)

Wild Pictures – Exec Producer – Alicia Kerr – Comm Editor – Jo Clinton Davis

Observational doc series following the crew aboard one of the largest luxury cruise ships in the world.   ITV Factual Hit = Broadcast Magazine

Gt Ormond Street.png

BBC 2 – Great Ormond Street - Producer/Director (2014)

Films of Record – Series Producer –Dollan Cannell - Comm Edit Kate Townsend

Self-shooting observational 3 part series following Doctors faced with complex decision making when they have to treat children difficult diseases. Developed series 3 and made 2 films in the series.   BAFTA Nominated


Ch4 – The Great British Ramadan - Producer/Director (2013)

Two Four– Exec Prouder: Mark Rubens                    Comm Editor – Ralph Lee

A 30-minute film intended to be a curtain raiser for Ch4’s season on Ramadan.  Rashid Khan shows us the hidden world of Muslims.


Ch 4 – Grand Designs – Producer/Director (2012)

Talkback Thames – Series Prod:  John Lonsdale   Comm Editor:  Kate Teckman

Directed 4 films in this series including the launching film about an Irishman and his castle.  “It had romance, a dream, disappointment and laughter, … a backdrop of a bigger world going through an upheaval that could bring down the country as well as the castle.  Chekhovian.   The Telegraph


Ch 4 – Who Knows Best -  Producer/Director (2011)

Love Productions                                                                     Comm Editor: Mark Raphael

This film looked at the devastating effect of child sleeplessness and which of two contrasting approaches from two experts was most effective.“Fascinating insight … close to a nervous breakdown the sleep deprived mothers are utterly transformed by the experience” Independent                 


Ch 4 – Dispatches – Bottleneck Britain – Producer/Director (2010)

Mentorn -Executive Producer – Elizabeth Clough   Comm Editor: Kevin Sutcliffe

Jason Barlow investigates Britain’s Congestion Crisis

“The statistics on traffic congested are worrying…. Dispatches grapples with the experts on what we are going to do about it” Evening Standard

Ch4 – Dangerous Jobs For Girls -  Producer/Director (2009)   

Ricochet   Executive Producer – Patrick Holland   Comm Editor:  Sarah Mulvey

This series explores if women can take some of the toughest jobs in the world.

 “This week women suffer sub-zero temperatures in British Columbia logging community… braving a fair amount of sexism… it’s funny and bracing stuff” Evening Standard

Ch4 – The Secret Millionaire –  Producer/Director (2008/9)          

RDF -  Series Producer:  Ros Ponder              Comm Editor: Meredith Chambers

A Property Developer relocates to Salford where he discovers the devastation faced for those trapped in one of the city’s condemned estates.

“It’s stirring and affecting television.  Especially when memories of Chek being taken into foster care come bubbling up.   The Daily Mail

BBC2The Verdict –  Producer/Director (2007/8)    

RDF Television- Series Producer – Ros Ponder       Comm Editor:  Emma Willis  

A 90 minute docu-drama  -highlighting the difficulties in convicting in rape cases.. The courtroom was filmed as a drama with actors and the barristers were all real.  “Gripping drama... and palpable tension with the legal team….”    The Times


BBC 1 – ONE Life -Seeing is Believing - Producer/Director (2006/7)

VGood Films -  Exec Producer- Bruce Goodison       Comm Editor: Todd Austin                                            

This film follows a blind girl who has a chance at life-changing surgery to restore her sight.  “Tonight’s One Life is another perplexing story this time about a blind girl who’s afraid to see.”  Evening Standard

BBC 1 – ONE Life - The Madness In Me - Producer/Director (2005)   

BBC -  Exec Producer and Commissioning Editor – Todd Austin

The Arbours Crisis Centre is the only place in the UK where therapists live with their patients. After 2 years in hospital the Crisis Centre is her last resort, if things don’t work she will have to return to a locked psychiatric ward.

 “A sensitive portrait of mental illness, it was brave, honest and showed everything, the frustration, the anger, the denial and the hope”   The Guardian                 

BBC1–ONE Life – The Trouble with Being Lee - Producer/Director -  (2004)     

BBC -  Exec Producer and Commissioning Editor – Todd Austin     

Lee is a prolific offender, who drinks a bottle of vodka a day and then goes out and burgles houses and steals cars. A new zero tolerance squad targets young criminals and Lee is given a choice to give up crime or go to prison.

“Some unexpectedly funny moments with hilariously rubbish criminals who wouldn’t look out of place in Paul Abbott’s Shameless”.  Sunday Telegraph   

CH5 – ARK ROYAL – Series Producer/Director- (2003)

Shine - Executive Producer – Paul Hamann             Comm Editor:  Chris Shaw                                          

Ark Royal documented the lives of British servicemen as they went to war with Iraq. “This excellent three part series follows… It’s a compelling story with no need for hyperbole – that unfolds with gripping intensity.” Daily Mail


BBC2 – LOUIS WEIRD WEEKEND - for Love- Prod/Dir(2002)

BBC -  Series Producer – Kevin Sutcliffe  

Louis Theroux goes Looking for Love in a documentary about the Thai Brides industry and the men who marry Thai Brides. “… hilarious and disturbing in equal measure…One of the best films he’s done.” Evening Standard.  


BBC 4 – MARTIN SCORSESE – PROFILE – Director– (2002)

BBC –  Executive Producer – Alison Rooper             

A profile about Martin Scorsese, featuring his latest film Gangs of New York.  Presented by Movie Critic Prof. Ian Christie “Scorsese is always fascinating… an intelligent film.”  Time Out


CH4 –  BUNKING OFF –  Producer/Director (2002)

Hart Ryan -  Executive Producer – Alison Rooper               

Exploring the government’s hard line approach to truancy, through two teenage girls, where bunking off school is way of life. “Brilliant, richly detailed portraits of the comically princessy girls…The subjects of the excellent film couldn’t give a damn. Discipline you want to shout..” Sunday Times


BBC 4 – JAN MORRIS - PROFILE – Producer/Director(2001)

BBC – Executive Producer – Alison Rooper

A profile on the extraordinary life of travel writer and trans-sexual Jan Morris. Presented by Times Literary Editor Robert McCrum. “Deserves the tag “extraordinary” life… an elegant film”    The Times                                              


BBC 2 – THOMAS COOK AND ME – Producer/Director – (2000)

BBC -  Series Producer – Colm Martin                    Comm Editor – Robert Thirkell    

A humorous film of archive and interview, that explores our relationship with a number of iconic companies and how they have shaped our lives.  “A fascinating history of Britain’s oldest travel agency explored in entertaining

detail”  The Guardian     


CH4 – MARRYING OUT – Producer/Director (2000)  

Wall to Wall- Exec Producer - Emma Wills   Comm Editor- Elizabeth Clough     

The first in a series of one-hour films, looking at the challenges in mixed religious families. “Excellent three parter about choosing a partner of another religion” Time Out  


CH4–CUTTING EDGE-Cruising to the Max – Prod/Director1999    

ZKK- Executive Producer – Kathy O’Neil            Comm Editor:  Peter Dale

A portrait of Britain’s suburban underground car cruising scene

Re-versioned for the launch of E4


CH4 – STEPKIDS - Little Angel of the North – Producer/Dir (1999)

ZKK- Executive Producer – Kathy O’Neil        Comm Editor – Peter Dale

Gemma has so many dads “it’s ridiculous” this is her story of dealing with dad number 3. “Reminiscent of a Mike Leigh film…honest and affectionate… Please watch this.”Daily Mail   



      Central Television                                                          Comm Editor Emma Barker

A film profiling some of London’s extraordinary 10,000Centenarians.

“It’s refreshing to see a film about centenarians whose vibrancy and love of life would put many of us to shame in Sexton’s delightful film”. Time Out