Chloe Court

Chloe is an experienced Showrunner of Factual and Factual Entertainment programmes with over 20 years of experience in the industry.

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She has created original primetime series for most major UK networks including  BBC1, BBC2 Channel Four and Channel Five. As a dual US and UK citizen, she has bases in London, New York, and LA and has also worked on projects for US Networks.

With a proven track record in delivering high quality large scale productions, her work can involve overseeing multiple units shooting in separate locations around the world, whilst running numerous edits suites simultaneously.

Chloe is a passionate and astute story teller and knows how to get the best out of her crew and resources in the most challenging circumstances. She has a reputation in the industry for being excellent at managing difficult on-screen talent, and she is great at putting together a strong team. Tight budgets and schedules are also managed whilst maintaining a cool head and sense of humour.

Most of Chloe’s projects have been new series, proof that she is excellent at setting new formats and seeing an idea through from paper to screen.

Series Editor, The Secret Helpers for BBC2 (BBC Studios/Auntie Productions, 5 x 60’, Primetime)

Imagine if, during one of the toughest weeks of your life, you could have the help of complete strangers from around the world? Documentary in style, each episode follows a person going through a pivotal week in their life. He or she is helped along by a chorus of culturally divers strangers from around the world by way of a hidden ear piece. Technically ambitious filming with international live links between multiple countries and fixed rig.

Series Producer, Jamie’s Super Food  for C4 (Fresh One, 7 x 30', recommissioned for 2nd series)

A new series for primetime C4. Jamie Oliver visits some of the  healthiest and longest living communities on the planet to find out what they are eating and how we can be more like them - creating healthy, sumptuous meals along the way. 


Series Producer, Jamie’s Night Before Xmas for C4 (Fresh One, 1 x 60')

A special transmitted at 7pm on Xmas Eve. Jamie walks us through his best tricks and tips for a hassle free and utterly delicious Christmas spread.

Series Producer, Gareth’s All Star Choir for BBC1 (Twenty Twenty, 2 x 60')

Documentary series for 9pm BBC1. Gareth Malone recruits a group of celebrities to form a choir and record the official Children In Need single. Can they pull off a number one hit?

Series Producer, The Hoarder Next Door for C4 (Twenty Twenty, 6 x 60')

I was brought in by an exec half way through the making of this series to get it back on track. A Factual Entertainment series for 8pm C4. Psychotherapist Stelios Kioses helps extreme hoarders get to the root of their compulsion to hoard. 

Series Producer, The Fixer for BBC2 (TwoFour, 6 x 60')

Factual Entertainment series for 8pm BBC2. Alex Polizzi comes to the rescue of struggling family businesses.

Series Producer, Features and Fact Ent Development, Shine TV

Responsible for developing primetime series ideas for major networks. Liaising with commissioners and producing tasters of new talent and formats.

Series Producer  Love Thy Neighbour for C4 (Studio Lambert, 8 x 60')

If you could gift the house next door to a complete stranger, who would you want as your neighbour and why? In a revealing social experiment, a small community in the Yorkshire Dales is asked to pick their next resident from 12 families of “outsiders.” Britain’s social issues come to the surface as the villagers decide who will be moving in. 

Series Producer Jo Frost: Extreme Parental Guidance for C4 (Outline Productions, 6 x 60', recommissioned for second series)

A new Factual Entertainment series for 8pm C4. Supernanny’s Jo Frost explores 21st century Britain’s parenting issues. A mixture of obs doc stories and large scale, multi-camera science experiments. 

Series Producer  Freaky Eaters for BBC3 (Betty TV, 8 x 60')

A primetime Fact Ent series that challenges people to overcome their selective eating disorders.

Series Producer  Dirty Cows for Living TV (TwoFour, 8 x 60')

A new Fact Ent series for Living TV. Tara Palmer Tomkinson helps a lonely farmer find love. 10 city girls battle it out for his affections. 

Series Producer  Interior Rivalry Two for FIVE (Silver River, 8 x 60')

A Fact Ent series for primetime FIVE. Tears and tantrums abound in Ann Maurice’s ruthless search for the nation’s most talented interior designer. 

Series Producer – Interior Rivalry for FIVE (Silver River, 5 x 60', recommissioned for a second series)

See above. Helped to develop and format this first series for FIVE.