Kim Duke

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Kim is an award-winning, highly experienced and versatile documentary director with credits on a wide range of compelling primetime documentaries and specialist factual films for Netflix, CNN, BBC, ITV and Channel 4. A strong storyteller, she enjoys making emotionally-resonant, thought-provoking films with visual flair and is equally at home working with DoPs or self-shooting. She has extensive experience of gaining sensitive access and tackling editorially and legally complex subjects. Her work includes 12-part Netflix series Babies (W/T), ITV’s Pensioners Behind Bars, ‘fascinating look at life for older inmates’, Her Majesty’s Prison Norwich‘an eye-opening, well observed look at the pitfalls and privileges of prison life’, and My Dad is a Woman‘a thoughtful, illuminating documentary’ about two transsexual fathers completing their transition from male to female; BBC2’s Traders: Millions by the Minute‘a fascinating documentary following the people who play the biggest risk-reward game in town’, and Channel 4’s Nelson’s Hospital‘an extraordinary insight into life in the 18th century Navy’. She was also factual producer on the BBC’s RTS and Prix Europa winning documentary drama series Five Daughters‘an exceptional drama and a powerful, thoughtful, profoundly affecting account of the murders of five young women’.

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