Gary Johnstone

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Gary is a BAFTA award-winning filmmaker who has worked extensively in the UK, Washington DC and Los Angeles on large-scale drama-doc and specialist factual series. He collaborated with Hollywood Director James Cameron on James Cameron’s Expedition Bismarck, where he directed the documentary and drama parts of the show. They were both nominated for a Primetime Emmy for Best Director. Gary made the BAFTA winning J’accuse Citizen Kane with Hollywood screenwriting guru Robert McKee. His J’accuse Van Gogh, was also nominated for a BAFTA Best Arts programme. Gary’s 2007 show for PBS Nova Judgment Day won both a Peabody Award and a AAAS award. The programme featured in-depth interviews with both sides in a fierce battle over the right to teach Intelligent Design in a US state school in Pennsylvania, as well as extensive recreations of the Federal Courtroom trial. 

His 2003 fully-scripted, feature drama-doc for Nova and Channel Four Einstein’s Big Idea/E=mc2 was a lavish costume drama which was reviewed by the Wall Street Journal as being ‘the kind of film Hollywood used to, and should still be making.’ 

His recent work has included Secrets of the SAS, featuring powerful, alarmingly frank testimony from recent ex-servicemen and gritty reconstructions of events in Iraq; Finding Jesus - The Gospel of Judas & The Gospel of Mary, both high-budget drama docs; Resurrecting Richard III for PBS, Stephen Hawking:Master of the UniverseCatastrophe 535ADThe Battle of Hood and Bismarck and The Dambusters.

Gary's series focussing on the life’s work of Dr. Robert Ballard, Alien Deep, continues to air on Netflix. 

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