Graham Judd

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Graham is an experienced producer of primetime docu-series and specialist factual films, with over 20 years’ experience in the industry. He has a reputation for developing and delivering innovative, thought-provoking content for broadcasters on both sides of the Atlantic.

Documentaries he has produced have aired on networks including BBC, ITV, PBS, ABC, History and Discovery, and at festivals including DocNYC. With a focus on character-based, emotionally-resonant storytelling, his films span a range of genres including history, science, religion and current affairs. He has worked with leading British actors and journalists, A-list Hollywood celebrities and acclaimed American academics.

Graham began his career as a producer/director in the BBC before moving to the United States in 2001. Over the next decade, he worked as a showrunner on several critically-acclaimed PBS series including This Emotional Life and African American Lives. Graham is currently co-developing several projects with partners in the US and UK, while serving as a consulting executive producer for clients including Nat Geo. He holds a Green Card and works between bases in London and New York. He is a member of the WGA and DGA.

Selected productions:

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Developed, produced and directed the lead out episode of the Emmy-nominated documentary series exploring the secrets of space, time and quantum mechanics. Adapted from the best-selling book by Columbia University physicist Brian Greene.

“A report from the frontier of cosmic thought, as fresh as last month’s Nobel Prizes, uncompromising in its intellectual ambitions and discerning in its choice of compelling scientific issues” – The New York Times


THIS EMOTIONAL LIFE, Kunhardt McGee Productions/WGBH Science Unit/Vulcan Productions for PBS

Developed and oversaw production of a 6-hour series exploring the latest scientific insights into emotional health and happiness. Combined compelling people stories, cutting-edge science, and celebrity contributions from (among others) Larry David, Richard Gere, John McEnroe, Katie Couric, Alanis Morissette, John Leguizamo, and the Dalai Lama. Presented by Harvard psychologist, Dan Gilbert.

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AFRICAN AMERICAN LIVES I & II, Kunhardt McGee Productions/Thirteen-WNET for PBS

Developed and oversaw production of 2 x 4-hour series exploring the epic sweep of black history through the family stories of well-known African Americans, pieced together using genealogical detective work and DNA-analysis. Presented by renowned Harvard scholar, Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Guests included (among others) Oprah Winfrey, Quincy Jones, Chris Rock, Morgan Freeman, Don Cheadle, Tina Turner, and Whoopi Goldberg. Filmed on location in the United States, Ireland and Angola.


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“The most exciting and stirring documentary on any subject to appear on television in a long time” – The New York Times; "A miracle is how you might describe this beautifully filmed and emotionally stirring TV show. It's about the Black experience in America, but its family stories of success and failure, tragedy and triumph are universal" - New York Post 

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Produced, directed and wrote a 1-hour African American Lives special using genealogy and genetics to trace Oprah Winfrey's ancestry down through American history, and back to Africa.

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THE PEOPLE’S PALACE, Kunhardt McGee Productions/Thirteen-WNET for PBS

Produced and directed an intimate portrait of the New York Public Library, told through the people who work there. Featured many of the Library’s most remarkable treasures, rare behind-the-scenes footage, and moving interviews with everyday New Yorkers for whom the Library’s services have been nothing less than life changing.

FORBIDDEN CITY: REVEALED, Kunhardt McGee Productions for History

Senior-produced a 1-hour film following a team from IBM as they used technology to transform Beijing’s Forbidden City into an on-line, virtual world. Filmed on location in China and the U.S. Executive Producer: Carl H. Lindahl (History)

IN SEARCH OF ETERNAL EGYPT, Kunhardt McGee Productions for HISTORY

Produced, wrote and directed a 1-hour film telling the story of the re-discovery of ancient Egypt, from the arrival of Napoleonic scholars in 1798 up to the present-day. Narrated by Omar Sharif. Executive Producer: Beth Dietrich (History)



Series-produced the second season of the popular PBS history series that used traditional investigative techniques, modern technologies and old-fashioned legwork to provide new insights into American history – often finding a human story associated with age-old artefacts. Strengthened a format that would run for another 10 years

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MUSLIMS, Independent Production Fund/WGBH-Frontline for PBS

Directed, co-produced and co-wrote a 2-hour documentary exploring the resurgence of political Islam through the stories of individual Muslims around the world. Filmed on location in Iran, Egypt, Malaysia, Nigeria, Turkey and the U.S.

“Brings a crystalline focus to issues of kaleidoscopic complexity, resulting in an all-too-rare 'special' that is worthy of that tag” – LA Times

NIGHTLINE, Independent Production Fund/ABC NEWS

Co-produced, co-directed and co-wrote four 30-minute episodes exploring how the U.S. is viewed from within the Muslim world. Filmed on location in Iran, Malaysia, and Turkey.

SEPTEMBER’S CHILDREN, Newsweek Productions for American Public Television/PBS

Produced, directed and wrote segments of a documentary exploring the psychological impact of war and terrorism on children. Filmed in Afghanistan, Israel, and the Gaza Strip.

Faultlines: Iran, CTVC for ITV

Produced, wrote and directed a 1-hour film following former Beirut hostage John McCarthy as he explored the struggle between conservatives and reformers for control of Iran’s Islamic State.