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James Routh

James is a leading broadcast documentary director, series producer and skilled self-shooter. He has made observational, current affairs and specialist factual films and series for Netflix, BBC1, BBC2, Channel 4, Discovery, Five, and ITV1. He will set a production’s style as Series Director. His corporate work has won an IVCA Gold Award


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Some of James' films

A Vicar’s Life - BBC Two / BBC Studios

Series Producer 6 x 30 mins. Shot and directed the first episode as a style setter.

‘the BBC's new documentary series continually subverts our expectations’ - Radio Times; ‘well made and very engaging’ – The Daily Telegraph; ‘as valuable as anything on TV right now’ - The Times; ‘we are hooked, we love this show’ - The Daily Express

Frontline Doctors: Winter Migrant Crisis - BBC One / Little Gem

Director/Camera 60’ observational documentary following doctors Chris and Xand van Tulleken as they travel the refugee route from Greece through Europe.
‘This was articulate TV about a cold world’ – Lucy Mangan, The Guardian; ‘...an eye-opening hour, mostly as bleak-feeling as the leaden grey skies over the camps and checkpoints they visited – but it was an important insight into the very complex situation the world is facing.’ - Sally Newall, The Independent ; ‘All in all, it was desperately dispiriting viewing. But it was essential viewing too.’ - Phil Harrison, The Telegraph

Bradford: City of Dreams - BBC Two / KEO Films

Series Producer/Director 2x60’. Observational/constructed series exploring entrepreneurship and immigration.

‘...one of the best TV surprises of 2013. A life-enhancing portrait that delves beneath the cliché and flips Bradford’s image on its head...it’s all done with such joy and verve and laughter and general enthusiasm for the great game of life that there’s no resisting it.’ – Gerard O’Donovan, Daily Telegraph
‘...ripped apart lazy stereotypes of racism, riots and deprivation to reveal the wonder that lies beneath.’ – Saima Mir, The Guardian

Death Unexplained - BBC One / Renegade Pictures

Series Director, 3 x 40 mins. Observational series following the work of the Coroners’ Service.
‘A wonderful, absorbing, three-part documentary series’ – Sunday Telegraph; ‘Moving, intimate and at times very funny...a powerful glimpse of ordinary people dealing with extraordinary circumstances.’ – Sunday Times; ‘...balances procedure with empathy to perfection and ends up packing a real emotional punch’ – Time Out ‘Fantastic characters, great storytelling and beautifully crafted which is such a rare pleasure these days. We're all delighted at this end with the reviews and figures.’ – Charlotte Moore, Controller of TV Channels, BBC

Cutting Edge: King of Christmas Lights - Channel 4 / Nutopia

Director/Camera, 1 x 50’. Obs doc on some of Britain’s most obsessive Christmas decorators.

‘...a Cutting Edge documentary so joyous and funny, it should be replayed year after year just like Margo cancelling Christmas on The Good Life or Bill Murray being thwacked by a toaster in Scrooged.’ – Grace Dent, The Guardian; ‘...consistently amusing, occasionally mildly deranged film...happily, the tone is fond rather than snarky.’ – Time Out; ‘James Routh’s nicely offbeat Cutting Edge documentary’ – Evening Standard; ‘It was wonderfully gentle and warm and the audience obviously loved it. Thank you.’ – Jay Hunt, Channel 4