Kate Hampel

Kate is an outstanding senior edit director with a successful primetime track record for Netflix, Channel 4, BBC, ITV1, Five, Sky 1, CNN, National Geographic and Discovery channels working across a number of genres including observational documentaries, drama docs and specialist factual programmes.

She draws on many years’ experience as a producer-director - from emotionally charged character-based stories with a small crew or self-shooting to creating visually glossy productions with large teams.


Kate got first break as a TV writer-director with an SBS commission about a vampire heavy metal band Hear No Evil, an "engaging cinema verite style documentary about the world of young dreams and extremes”.

Her writing and directing highlights include Long Shadows: Stories from a Jewish Home, which screened in a number of international film festivals, the award winning series Child in a Million, the RTS nominated series of Don’t Tell the Bride, and critically successful Tough Young Teachers.

Kate devotes her expertise to working in the edit as a senior edit director. This role includes designing new formats, troubleshooting challenging edits and producing storylines in the field for long form documentary series. She works with US networks on new series, and UK broadcasters on complex large-scale productions.

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some of Kate’s productions:

Sunderland Til I Die - a Netflix Original Production/Fulwell73


Eight-part observational fly on the wall doc series on the 'unfailing passion of this UK Northern town for its beloved football club' during the 2017/18 season following relegation from the Premier League. Episodes 3 & 8. 

Senior Edit Producer

Decades: The 90s Greatest - National Geographic/Nutopia 

Two episodes of an archive driven prime time history series: Sex looks at how ideas of sexuality were transformed by AIDS and some of the biggest scandals of the decade. Enemies Within illustrates how crackpot ideas fomented in a post-Soviet vacuum leading to home grown and international terrorism.

Writer and Edit Director 

Beyond Reasonable Doubt - CNN/Nutopia 

New drama doc series that takes viewers inside the world of true crime investigation through high profile criminal cases that were solved by breakthroughs in forensic medicine through the perspective of the lead detectives. 

Edit Producer 

Escape: The Jungle - Channel 4/Maverick TV

1x 60’ Primetime series that saw a small group of skilled people stranded at a crash site, days from civilisation, in a hostile environment, build a vehicle out of the debris salvaged from the site.

Sunday’s Best TV: The Guardian

Edit Producer 

Dr Jeff Rocky Mountain Vet - Animal Planet/Double Act

Dr Jeff Rocky Mountain Vet.jpeg

Season premieres for Season 3 and 4 and producing "sneak peek"

A docu-series featuring Dr Jeff Young, a charismatic hero who embodies a maverick 'can-do' spirit while treating a wide variety of animals in Denver and beyond. 

Senior Edit Producer and Edit Producer 

Gold Rush: White Water S1 “Hypothermia”  - Discovery/Raw TV


Back where their gold-mining adventures began, `Gold Rush' alumni Dakota Fred and son Justin persevere in the face of long odds, risking their lives for a fortune they may never realize. Assisted by a team of intrepid divers, mountaineers and bush mechanics, the Dakota Boys explore the white water rapids of McKinley Creek in Alaska, diving deep in raging torrents with a suction dredge. Not only could one wrong move prove deadly, but the guys also face wild animals, extreme temperatures and hypothermia. 

Edit Producer

Women in Prison Series 1 & 2 - Discovery ID/Raw TV 

A real life ‘Orange Is the New Black’, this bold new drama recon and documentary series explores the lives of six women locked up inside a maximum security prison in Indiana, USA. 

Senior Edit Producer and Edit Producer

Inside the World's Most Dangerous Prisons: The Philippines - Netflix/Channel 5/Emporium Productions

Immersive presenter-led observational documentary looking at life as a new prisoner in the Philippines jail system  The Independent Pick of the Week Mail on Sunday“Prison Run by Ruthless Gang” The Mirror

Edit Director 

Time Crashers: Victorian Oyster Fishers - Channel 4 /Wall to Wall   

Ten celebrities are about to leave their 21st century lives and everything they know behind to become time travellers in Channel 4’s brand new living history series. “...defines entertainment perfection...” The Guardian

Edit Producer