Katharine English

Kat is an Emmy-nominated, BAFTA and RTS award-winning Producer Director with over 20 years of wide-ranging experience. She has developed a reputation for visually distinctive and intelligent documentaries that pull an emotional punch. For Murder Games, which told the tragic story of groomed teenager Breck Bednar, she scripted and directed an unfolding drama to depict the deadly online friendship that developed between Breck and his killer. Murder Games is regularly screened as part of the PSHE curriculum in UK, and is used internationally to promote online safety.


Heroes of Ground Zero, Kat’s documentary about 9/11 for Channel 4/ PBS, was filmed and edited in New York in the eight weeks following the terror attack. Reviewed: ‘Nothing else I have seen about the aftermath of the terror has been so human, so broad and complex and nothing else has brought home so acutely the pain.


Into The Hornets Nest for the landmark BBC3 series Our War, which told the story of a three day mission behind enemy lines in Afghanistan, was described by the Sunday Times as ‘a film that has as much power and poignancy as an epic war movie.’ Kat was nominated Best Factual Director for this and the Our War production team won Best Documentary Series at the 2013 BAFTAs.  

At home with observational documentary or a 90 second commercial, Kat will find the most effective and visual way of telling the story. Stalkers for BBC1, which followed high risk victims of stalking, worked best entirely self-shot on the Sony FS7, using prime lenses.

BBC1 Nap Attack took the viewer into the world of narcolepsy with a warm, humorous tone throughout; ‘The committee meeting of the narcoleptics association is the Monty Python sketch that the team didn’t think of, but probably wish they had.’