Kim Duke

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Kim is an award-winning, highly experienced and versatile documentary director with credits on a wide range of compelling primetime documentaries and specialist factual films for the BBC, ITV and Channel 4. A strong storyteller, she enjoys making emotionally-resonant, thought-provoking films with visual flair and is equally at home working with DoPs or self-shooting. She has extensive experience of gaining sensitive access and tackling editorially and legally complex subjects. Her work includes ITV’s Pensioners Behind Bars, a ‘fascinating look at life for older inmates’, Her Majesty’s Prison Norwich, ‘an eye-opening, well observed look at the pitfalls and privileges of prison life’, and My Dad is a Woman, ‘a thoughtful, illuminating documentary’ about two transsexual fathers completing their transition from male to female; BBC2’s Traders: Millions by the Minute, ‘a fascinating documentary following the people who play the biggest risk-reward game in town’, and Channel 4’s Nelson’s Hospital, ‘an extraordinary insight into life in the 18th century Navy’. She was also factual producer on the BBC’s RTS and Prix Europa winning documentary drama series Five Daughters, ‘an exceptional drama and a powerful, thoughtful, profoundly affecting account of the murders of five young women’.

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2014-16 Her Majesty's Prison Norwich 1 x 60’, 2016 ITV1: Producer/Director

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60' Primetime documentary with institutional access to a British prison:
HMP Norwich houses more than 750 inmates, ranging from seasoned criminals to young men serving their first prison sentence. Most of the 2,500 prisoners who come through its gates each year are husbands, fathers, and sons. Their families are often their only lifeline. Half of all inmates in the UK are fathers, leaving nearly a quarter of a million children with a parent inside. A fifth of marriages break up under the strain of imprisonment and nearly half of all prisoners will lose touch with their family. Yet those who manage to keep family ties alive are six times less likely to reoffend. The film gives a unique insight into the prison's work in trying to keep families together and hopefully change lives. 

'Makes you glad to be on the outside of institutions filled with drugs, violence and fathers pining for the families they love. The film of prison visits is heartbreaking. An eye-opener' The Observer
'An eye-opening documentary...reveals that life behind bars is a far from cushy ride - for both inmates and their families' The Mail
'A well observed eye-opening look at the nuts and bolts of prison life, its pitfalls and privileges' Radio Times

2013-14 Traders: Millions by the Minute 1 x 60’ documentary, BBC2: Producer/Director

‘At last, a shrewd doc about the nitty-gritty of financial markets. Film-maker Kim Duke has got access to the day-to-day roulette wheels of “casino capitalism”...It’s an eye opener’ Radio Times ‘Fascinating...follows the people who play the biggest risk-reward game in town’ The Times

‘ inside view of everyone’s favourite villain: the financial trader’ The Telegraph ‘Keenly Observed...reveals the world of trading as full of surprises’ Financial Times

2012 Pensioners Behind Bars 1 x 60’ documentary, ITV1: Producer/Director ‘In the past 20 years, the number of prisoners over the age of 60 has trebled...Kim Duke’s fascinating documentary meets the inmates’ The Telegraph

‘An oddly life-enhancing documentary that could have been a tale of woe but instead puts a smile

on your face’ Radio Times
‘This insightful documentary meets some extraordinary law-breaking pensioners’ The Mail 'A fascinating look at life for older inmates’ The Express

2011 My Dad is a Woman 1x 60’ documentary ITV1: Producer/Director Documentary with intimate access to the lives of families, in which a father becomes the woman he’s always wanted to be, including the irreversible surgery that will change his sex forever.
‘This thoughtful documentary is illuminating’ Radio Times

‘A revealing film’ TV Times ‘A moving one-off’ Closer

2010 Farewell The Bill
The story of television’s longest-running police drama. Exclusive access to The Bill’s final shoot captures the laughter and tears as cast and crew bid an emotional farewell to 27 years on the beat.
Pick of the DayThe Mail, Mirror, Express, Times, Guardian, Independent, Telegraph
'The greatest moments at Sun Hill and the legacy of drama it's given to British screenThe Mail

2010 Nelson’s Hospital, A Time Team Documentary Special 1 x 60’, Channel 4: Producer/Director An archaeological dig to exhume bodies from the cemetery of Britain’s first naval hospital provides a close-up inspection of life and death in the Georgian Navy.
‘Chilling...Teases out the threads of the history with skill and sensitivity’ Radio Times

‘An extraordinary insight into life in the late 18th century Navy’ The Express ‘Reveals a life of appalling hardship in Nelson’s Navy’ The Times

2007/08 The Story of Maths 4 x 60’ BBC4: Series Producer Presented by Marcus du Sautoy, the history of mathematics, examining how mathematical ideas underpin the science, technology, and culture that shape our world.
‘Brilliantly made, constantly fascinating’ The Times

‘A fascinating four-parter’ The Guardian
‘There’s a lot to like about this breezy history’ The Independent

1 x 60’ documentary ITV1: Producer/Director

2005/06 Patrick Moore: Astronomer, Broadcaster, Eccentric 1 x 30’ documentary BBC1: Producer/Director. Biographical films on Britain’s best-known personalities, including the Royal Family.

2004 Beyond Murder: Convicting Jane’s Killer 1 x 60’ documentary BBC1: Producer/Director Documentary with unprecedented access to prosecution lawyers fighting the high-profile murder case of teacher Jane Longhurst, which led to a successful Home Office-backed campaign and a change in the law on possession of violent pornography.

2003 The Trouble with Sleep 1 x 60’, BBC1: Producer/Director Documentary exploring the lives of people who sleepwalk, experience night terrors, or eat in their sleep. ‘The footage makes for extraordinary viewing’ Radio Times
‘A fascinating documentary...shows the unbelievable antics sleep-disordered people get up to’ TV Times ‘We saw how infinitely long-suffering a loving spouse can be...I was, I confess, touched’ The Guardian ‘Intriguing stuff’ The Observer

2002 Harold Shipman: Measuring Evil BBC1: Producer/Director Documentary with unprecedented access to the Public Inquiry and families investigating Britain’s worst serial killer Harold Shipman, a trusted family doctor who murdered more than 200 of his patients.

2002 The Stanford Prison Experiment 1 x 30’ documentary BBC2: Producer/Director Documentary on the 1970’s psychological study examining the nature of imprisonment and tyranny.
‘The highlight of a weekend of prison documentaries’ The Times

2001 Hollywood Knives 1 x 60’ documentary BBC1: Producer/Director Archive-driven film exploring the secret history of Tinseltown under the scalpel and how the careers of some of the biggest names in film history led to the operating table.
‘A hopelessly engrossing documentary...should make us rethink our ideas about celebrity’ The Express

‘A revealing documentary...for the first time the extraordinary cast list of movie legends who depend on plastic surgery for their glittering careers’ The Mail
‘Insanely compelling...posits an alternative history of Hollywood’ The Guardian
‘A guilty pleasure’ Radio Times

‘I sat glued to the shamelessly watchable Hollywood Knives’ The Times

1999-00 Burgled 6 x 30’ BBC1: Series Producer/Director Documentary series on all aspects of burglary made with access to Britain’s largest police force, the Prison Service and Probation Service.
‘Essential viewing’ The Independent

Engrossing and pacey’ Victor Lewis-Smith, Evening Standard ‘Remarkable’ The Times
‘Enlightening’ Financial Times

1998 The Clampers
Documentary series on the wardens, bailiffs, and lawyers, who enforce Britain’s unpopular parking laws, including first-time access to the country’s first `parking court’.
‘Brilliant...A rare docusoap with attitude, asking proper journalistic questions’ The Telegraph
‘Hugely entertaining...Clampers is full of comedy’ The Independent
‘Transfixing...A highly watchable series’ The Times
‘A clever documentary...expect your feelings to be mixed more thoroughly than a cocktail’ The Express ‘Infuriatingly compelling’ Time Out

1997 Firefighters 6 x 30’ documentary series BBC1: Producer/Director Specially-designed cameras give a previously unseen insight into Fire Service rescue operations.

1995-1996 The Verdict 6 x 30’ BBC2: Producer/Director Documentary series on lawyers and the law. ‘Fascinating and cautionary’ The Guardian
‘A long hard look at how justice can be affected by the theatre of the law...unsettling’ The Telegraph ‘ unscrupulous but highly effective tactics’ Victor Lewis-Smith, Evening Standard