Laurence Turnbull 

Laurence is a Grierson, BAFTA, and RTS-winning Executive Producer, Showrunner and Director

His 60’ obs doc Crackhouse won the Grierson Award for Best Documentary on a Contemporary Issue. He works across documentary, factual entertainment and newly in drama. He has made films and series for BBC1, BBC2, ITV, Channel 4, Fox, Discovery, ABC Network and Zambian TV!


Some of Laurence’s Productions

Adrian Chiles_TX_card.jpg

Adrian Chiles : Drinkers like me
BBC2/Ricochet (1 x 1 hour ob doc)

Adrian thinks he might be an alcoholic, but if he is then so are half the nation. Using evocative reconstruction and a very real present day journey this is an intimate and revealing look at both Adrian’s heavy drinking and the UK’s absolute denial when it comes to boozing. Producer/Director

Mary Portas : Secret Shopper series 2
C4/Optomen (4 x 1 hour fact ent)

Retail guru and customer service champion Mary takes on the slovenly, the disinterested and the down right rude as she trouble shoots four failing independent businesses. Executive Producer

Sun, Sea and Selling Houses
C4/Ricochet (25 x 1 hour fact ents)

A property show with a difference as we follow the fortunes of two family run estate agents as they try to sell Brit house hunters their dream home in sunny Spain. Executive Producer

The Search for a Miracle Cure
C4/Ricochet (1x 1 hour ob doc)

Cutting Edge following Super Lawyer Mark Lewis, the man who brought down Rupert Murdoch over the phone hacking scandal, as he embarks on revolutionary stem cell treatment for his MS. Executive Producer

Living with Quads
ITV/Ricochet (1 x 1 hour ob doc)

The mayhem of having a baby - times by 4. We follow the lives of four families with different age quads – one year olds, three year olds, six year olds and 10 year olds. Executive Producer

One way Ticket to Oz
C5/Ricochet ( 6 x 1 hr ob doc)

Six families take the bold step to up sticks and move their entire family to the other side of the planet. We find out how they fare in their first year. Executive Producer

Channel Patrol
BBC/Ricochet (10 x half hour ob doc)

Documentary series following the lives of those that use the English Channel to earn a living from it, those that use it for pleasure and those who keep it safe. Executive Producer

Confessions of an Alien Abductee
C4/Off the fence (1 x 1 hour ob doc)

Cutting Edge. The latest MOD stats reveal one in ten of us has had an Alien encounter, including a city councillor, an accountant and a mum who says it runs in the family. Executive Producer

Meet the Russians
Fox/ Ricochet (8 X 1 hour ob doc)

From wannabe gold diggers to ostentatious oligarchs the Russian scene is booming in London. Whether it’s the tax laws, freedom from Putin or Harrods that has brought two hundred thousand of them to our Capital, this high end series has privileged access to their playground. Executive Producer

Young Apprentice
BBC/ Boundless Productions (8 x 1 hour fact ents)

Series 3 - BAFTA nominated. Series Editor

Born to be Different
C4/Ricochet TV (2 x 1 hour ob doc)

Filmed since they were born in 2000, this latest series catches up with our disabled youngsters as they become fully fledged teens. Series Producer

My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding (Series 2)
C4/ Firecracker (7 x 1 hour ob doc)

Getting to the heart of Gypsy  culture through their lavish celebrations. Series Producer

Trawler Wars 
Discovery/Ricochet (6 x 1 hour ob doc)

The Trawler fleets of the south west battle it out to be top boat. Series Producer

Ian Wright's Unfit Kids
C4/RDF (3 x 1 hour fact ents)

Ian Wright tackles the playstation generation over their sedentary lifestyles, and shockingly poor eating habits. Series Producer

Party Fever
Granada/Strong Films (8 x half hour ob doc)    

Party revellers in the North of England, falling in love, and behaving badly. A sort of ‘Rochdale Uncovered’. Series Producer

Squaring Up
Granada/Strong Films (4 x half hour ob doc)    

Ellesmere Port boxing club take their  young contenders to fight in New York where they form close bonds with their rivals. RTS NOMINATED Series Producer

Playing Away
Granada/Strong Films (4 x half hour ob doc)   

Fighting on and off the pitch as Liverpool teenagers play soccer in the Dallas cup in the USA.  All ends in tears as the sensitive young scoucers miss out on a place in the final. RTS NOMINATED Series Producer