Matthew Dyas


Matthew is a Director, Writer and Producer. His interests lie in exploring our place in the natural world. His work spans TV and film, from BBC environmental series to the first 3D IMAX documentary in Europe. Awards for his films include BAFTA, Jackson Hole, Wildscreen and Golden Dragon. Matthew is also a Royal Geographical Society fellow.

FIENNES: RETURN TO THE NILE               Series Director & Producer (3 part Series)

Release worldwide in 2019                             (National Geographic)

*****An epic televisual odyssey [The Sunday Times]
Actor Joseph Fiennes and Explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes travel the Nile through Egypt, retracing an historic route. Adventure travel meets blue chip specialist factual.


DAY IN THE LIFE OF PLANET EARTH       Director, Writer  (Feat Length & Series )

Released UK, US & Worldwide 2018 (CBC, France5, ZDFe, BBC)

***** Stunning [The Daily Telegraph]

A blue-chip science and natural history special. Over 24hours we witness the dynamic changes happening across the earth.


SECRETS OF THE HUMAN BODY              Series Director, Writer & Producer

Released 2017, UK, US & Worldwide [BBC, PBS & Worldwide]

Ordinary people face pivotal moments in their lives, and using the latest cutting edge science we reveal the secrets that get them through.


FORCES OF NATURE                                  Writer, Director & Producer (2 episodes)

Winner Jackson Hole Science

Winner BAFTA Sound

Nominated EMMY, BAFTA & Banff Film Festival  

“Simply Stunning, it’s tv to go ‘whoa’ to” [Times]

“as neat an embodiment of  “inform, educate and entertain” as you could find” [Telegraph]

Released 2016, UK, US & Worldwide [BBC, PBS & Worldwide] [2x60]

The BBC’s flagship science documentary series for 2016. Stories that combine natural history and human drama reveal the underlying laws of nature that make our planet tick. Featuring professor Brian Cox.


EARTH, A NEW WILD                                   Writer, Director & Producer (3 episodes)

Released 2015, U.S & Worldwide [PBS, Nat Geographic & Worldwide) [3 x 60]

Winner Wildscreen: Best Series

Winner: International Wildlife Film Festival

“The most spectacular nature series ever…” [Huffington Post]

 “A powerful tour, from the Arctic to the Amazon” [New York Times]

“The world’s ultimate travel show” [Forbes]

Landmark blue chip natural history series. Look beyond the romantic idea of “untouched” wilderness and a new understanding of nature emerges


PLAYING GOD                                              Writer, Director & Producer

Released Jan 2012, UK & Worldwide [BBC] [60mins]

Winner Golden Dragon - Shanghai

Finalist 2012 Jackson Hole film festival

“Prepare to be stunned…jaw dropping…a terrific film” [Radio Times]

“Mark my words, we shall remember this film” [Times]

“Mesmerising” [The Sunday Times]

“Matthew Dyas’s Intelligent Documentary” [Evening Standard]

“Summons up exactly the right combination of awe, scepticism and expertise” [Time Out]

We can now create synthetic life. 4 billion years of evolution condensed into just a few days in the lab, the result: an animal that’s part goat, part spider. Are we taking science too far?


ORIGINS OF US                                            Writer, Director & Producer

Released Oct 2011, UK & Worldwide [BBC] [60mins]

“An unqualified triumph, it is an understated revelation” [The Times]

“Marvellous, intelligent, yet sublimely accessible science education *****” [Mail on Sunday]

"A fascinating exploration - Who Do You Think You Are? writ large"  [The Independent]

“Illuminating …will change the way you see the human race and yourself” [Daily Mail]

 “An intriguing journey of discovery” [The Sunday Express]

Through the Hadza Hunter Gatherer tribe the film explores how the human gut dictates everything from the size of our brains, to who we fall in love with.


FLYING MONSTERS 3D                               Writer & Director

Now Screening at IMAX Cinemas Worldwide [National Geographic / Atlantic Productions]

Winner of 2011 BAFTA in Documentary Category

Winner of 2012 Wildscreen Panda

“Visually Stunning…The Vanguard of 3D” [The Sunday Times]

“The film is, in a word, stunning” [Televisual]

“Superior IMAX Documentary” [Observer]

“Attenborough’s new film is Jurassic fantastic” [Daily Mail]

“Educational and fun IMAX” [Independent on Sunday]

“The honeyed voice of authority” [Times]

Sir David Attenborough travels the world to unravel the story of the Pterosaur. Part live action and part CGi.