Nick Green

Nick is an award-winning director of drama, drama-doc and documentary. In a career stretching twenty years he has made films for all five British terrestrial channels plus Sky, History, Nat Geo and Discovery, Netflix, Amazon Prime and many more channels across Europe and North America.

As well as strong visual flare Nick brings solid story-telling and editorial values. He has been the lead director and set the style on some of television’s most pioneering series. Barack Obama introduced his films made for the Emmy nominated America: The Story of US series and The British is continually being repeated on Sky Atlantic three years after it was first broadcast. He also made two films during Horizon’s BAFTA-winning season.

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CAPTIVE: (Netflix) Writer / Director Wrote and directed a high-end film for Netflix about a hostage negotiation that goes wrong. Produced out of Simon Chinn’s Oscar-winning stable, Lightbox. Execs: Simon Chinn and Doug Liman

THE JESUS CODE: Herod, Peter, The Childhood Home (CNN)

Writer / Director Directed the drama on three episodes on the return of CNN’s biggest budget series ever commissioned. Broadcast across Easter 2017 this high-gloss drama-doc rebuilds the extraordinary stories of biblical relics. Made for Nutopia. Exec: Ben Goold Line Prod: Caroline Daly

Britain’s Bloody Crown (Channel 5 Productions)

Series Director Series directed this four-part drama-doc based on Dan Jones’ Hollow Crown book. Anchored by Dan, each film tells a different story of the corners turns of the Wars of the Roses. It was shot in Romania, looks fantastic and broadcast in early 2016. Exec: Dan Gold. Line Producer: Steffan Boje

THE JESUS CODE: The Shroud and True Cross (CNN)

Writer / Director Nick was the lead director on CNN’s biggest budget series ever commissioned. Broadcast over Easter 2015. Made for Nutopia. Exec: Ben Goold Line Prod: Teresa Nunn

JUNGLE ATLANTIS: Angkor Wat’s Hidden Megacity (BBC2 and Smithsonian Channel)

Writer / Director Big-budget, glossy documentary following an archaeological team as they used new laser scanning technology to uncover the mysteries of Angkor Wat and the medieval world’s greatest metropolis. Broadcast in Autumn 2014. Executive Producer: Chris Granlund.


Writer / Director Since the dawn of modern archaeology people have been searching for the last of the Seven Wonders of the World: The Hanging Garden of Babylon. Stephanie Dalley has made it her life’s work to find them and she thinks she has – but they are nowhere near Babylon. Filmed in Iraq a few months before the country imploded, this documentary was made for Bedlam Films and was broadcast in Nov 2013. Executive Producer: Simon Egan

THE FUNERAL, a short film:

Director A multi-award-winning, characterful yet dark short film. Shot during Summer 2013 and starring Paul Kaye, Tracy-Ann Oberman and Allan Corduner. It has screened at more than 20 film festivals around the world. Producer: Glenn Holberton Execs: Jez Freedman, John Goldschmidt.

LOCKED UP ABROAD, The Hippy Mafia (National Geographic Channel)

Writer / Director A fast moving, adrenaline packed drama-doc about Eddie Padilla who turns to cocaine smuggling to save a relationship. It all goes wrong and he ends up having to bust out of a South American hell-hole. Made for Raw and National Geographic and broadcast in 2013. Producer: Tim Riding Exec: Richard Bond

The Man Who Saved the World (Channel 5, Channel 1 and PBS)

Writer / Director An intense and thrilling drama-doc that focused on the actions of Vasili Arkhipov, a Russian submariner during the Cuban Missile Crisis. His actions prevented nuclear exchange with the American Atlantic Fleet and the start of World War III. Made for Bedlam Films for PBS and Channel 5 and broadcast in Autumn 2012. Exec: Simon Breen Line Prod: Eamon Fitzpatrick

The British (Sky Atlantic)

Writer and lead Director Spanning two thousand years of history this series tells the story of Great Britain through action-packed and emotional dramas. The series was made by Nutopia and broadcast on Sky Atlantic in 2012. As of November 2014 it is still being repeated. Exec: Jane Root Line Prod: Peter MacAleese

STEPHEN HAWKING’S GRAND DESIGN: Did God Create the Universe? (Discovery)

Director Hawking unfolds his personal, compelling vision of the biggest question of all: Is there a god who created and controls the universe in which we live? To answer this controversial and age old question, Hawking takes us on a journey through humanity's history of appraising our place in the Universe. Made by Darlow Smithson and broadcast in summer 2012. Exec: Ben Bowie

THE EGYPTIAN JOB (National Geographic)

Writer / Director A fresh and innovative, feature length drama-doc made by Wide-Eyed Entertainment. Set in Ancient Egypt it tells the story of how a group of Egyptian likely lads might have broken into the most sophisticated pyramid of all time. Broadcast early 2012. Exec: David McNab Line Prod: Laura Burrows

America: The story of US (History)

Writer and Lead Director Nick was the lead director, set the style and made the first two films in this 12 part, $15 million dollar series. Introduced by Barack Obama these drama-docs told the story of how America became the country we know it to be today. Broadcast in April 2010, his films were described by the New York Times as ‘nearly flawless’. Exec: Jane Root Line Prod: Eamon Fitzpatrick


Series Director This major four part series for the Discovery Channel US showed how the inner workings of dinosaurs contributed to their success and ultimate failure. Exec: Richard Dale

SPECIAL FORCES HEROES (Channel 5 / Discovery)

Writer / Director Nick directed three hour-long drama-docs about some of the SAS’s most daring missions. Shot in South Africa on a shoestring budget, they were an action packed mix of thrills, graphics and stunts. The films were fantastically well received and were a ratings winner for Channel 5. Exec: Richard Dale Line Prod: Vanessa Tovell

When We Left Earth (Discovery)

Producer / Director Glossy treatment of the NASA story. The series was made to celebrate 50 years of the organization and it involved interviewing astronauts and engineers who contributed to the story. Nick made two films in the hugely successful six part series. Broadcast in 2007. Exec: Richard Dale

HEROES AND VILLAINS: Richard the Lionheart (BBC1 / Discovery)

Director Starring Steven Waddington, Donald Sumpter and Stuart Wilson, this lavish £1.4 million drama tells the story of King Richard's struggle and ultimate failure to wrestle Jerusalem from Saladin. Shot on location in Morocco and broadcast in 2007. Exec: Matthew Barrett Line Prod: Laura Burrows

Ancient Rome: The Rise and Fall of an Empire: Caesar (BBC1 / Discovery)

Director Shot on location in Bulgaria this lavish drama tells the story of Caesar’s long-running battle with Pompey. The action packed story set against the battles of Alesia and Pharsalus starred Sean Pertwee, John Shrapnel and Karl Johnson. It was broadcast in September 2006. Exec: Matthew Barrett Line Prod: Mags Hulse

Einstein's Unfinished Symphony (BBC2 / Discovery)

Producer / Director As Einstein lay on his death-bed he continued to work on his ‘theory of everything’, a project that had occupied and eluded him for the final 30 years of his life. This drama-doc was broadcast to great acclaim in 2005 as part of the BAFTA Winning Horizon series. Exec: Matthew Barrett Line Producer: Rachel Carter

The Dark Secret of Hendrik Schoen (BBC2)

Writer / Director Hendrik Schoen was a brilliant young physicist whose discoveries promised to revolutionise the world. Then one of his peers realised that Hendrik Schoen, one of the greatest physicists of his generation, was a fraud. Broadcast in 2004. Exec: Matthew Barrett

Tsunami - Anatomy of a Disaster (BBC1)

Writer / Director Broadcast three months after the Indonesian tsunami that killed more than quarter of a million people, this BBC1 film tracked the scientific progress looking to explain the reasons for the scale of this disaster. Broadcast as a Horizon Special in 2004. Exec: Matthew Barrett