Storm Theunissen 


Storm is an experienced director and series producer with a 17 year track record of making high-profile documentary first series and single films, including three feature docs. She has made 60’, 90’ and 120’ films for Channel 4, BBC2, BBC3, ITV, Channel 5 and Discovery. She has worked in observational documentary, drama-doc, fixed rig, presenters, archive, and investigative current affairs.

Storm was formerly an ITN journalist and she brings first-rate journalism, humour & imaginative storytelling to her productions. 

Some of Storm’s films


ABBA: When All Is Said And Done -

Channel 5/ITV Studios

120’, 9pm. Feature-length one off. Dramatised-documentary biopic of ABBA: the untold story of how its two singers ended up in the darkest period of their lives. Based on Storm’s idea, she oversaw the film from prep to final post.

Writer and Producer/Director


Women In Prison - Discovery ID/Raw TV

6x60’ Drama doc about an American maximum-security prison. Storm set the series style; oversaw the location team, legals & investigation, all actuality and interviews, taking the film through the edit. Series Producer/Director

First Cut: What’s My Body Worth? - Channel 4/Ronachan Films

A provocative and funny ‘gonzo’ 30’ documentary of Storm’s own idea, she investigated the body parts industry – by trying to sell every bit of herself that she legally could. It had significant critical acclaim with major spreads in many broadsheets/magazines as well as picks of the day in most papers.

Producer/Director & Presenter

Shut-Ins: Britain’s Fattest People - Channel 4/Blink Films

The original 2014 one-off 60’ fixed rig & observational documentary examining people trying to overcome severe weight issues. The film gained 2 million viewers, picks of the day and significant social media response – #1 trend in the UK and #2 worldwide on Twitter. It was followed in 2017 by a 60’ sequel on Channel 4, Shut-Ins: Britain’s Fattest Woman also made by Storm, which continued the story of 48-stone Natalie Hill and her efforts to turn her life around.



The Passengers That Took On The Trainline

- BBC2/Pulse Films

One-off 60’ investigative current affairs and character-led observational documentary following commuters attempting to take over the failing Southeastern Rail network. Presented by Jacques Peretti. Self-shooting Producer/Director