Talya Tibbon

Talya is an award winning, Bafta- and IDA- nominated director and producer who splits her time between the US and the UK (and an EU passport holder).


With more than 20 years of experience Talya offers strong journalistic foundations combined with a fluid visual style. She has a knack for finding unique angles to tell a story and a track record in creating content that tells character-centered stories and champions our common humanity. Her TV credits include BBC, Channel 4, ITV, PBS, CNN/Netflix, National Geographic, History Channel and others.

Her independent feature doc Sky and Ground premiered at DOC NYC film festival aired on PBS (now on Amazon). It won Cine’s Golden Eagle award for Best documentary (2018) and was a final nominee for the International Documentary Association awards. Her film for the IDA nominated docuseries (2018) Amanpour: Sex and Love Around the World is now available on Netflix.

Talya has worked extensively across a range of genres, from talent-led to archive docs, from self-shot ob-docs to drama docs. She is comfortable directing single and multiple camera shoots, working alone, with small or large crews and keeping up with both the big picture and the small details.

Over the years Talya has filmed in 4 continents : from Boko Haram territory in Nigeria to the slums of Karachi, from gang-controlled neighborhoods in Honduras to the corridors of the White House and Wall Street trading floors. She has documented people and subjects as wide-ranging as drug dealers and users and the effect of the legalization of Marijuana, to mass shooters and those who survive their crimes; from women trafficked in some of the most dangerous parts of Central America to refugees fleeing war on their journey across the Balkans into Europe; from former Guantanamo detainees setting out on a new path to Wall Street traders as the financial crisis of 2008 unfolds. And even dare-devil ice swimmers in Siberia.

She has interviewed Nobel Prize winners, those tasked with decision-making during 9/11 (including Cheney and Rumsfeld), Obama’s top advisors about capturing and killing Osama bin Laden; and Julian Assange on how the Cold War led him to create Wikileaks.

Equally important to Talya has been the time spent documenting less famous but fascinating characters: from sex workers to public health volunteers; from criminals to cops; from new mothers to orphans.

Talya is currently in development stages of an independent documentary project about WWII and a scripted drama.

Talya is a member of FilmFatales, Glass Elevator, Directors UK, Bafta and WIFT

BAFTA Best Documentary short-list 2012

BAFTA Best Documentary nomination 2011

Golden Eagle CINE Award Best Documentary 2018

EMMY nomination 2011

NY International Film Festival Award 2011

Wincott Award for Financial Journalism 2010

Emmy award 2007

National Headliner Award 2007