Where silicone and our spirit meet - Hannah Berryman’s ‘Can We Live With Robots?’

Stern and Wild Director Hannah Berryman has made eye-opening ‘where are they now?’ documentaries in the past. C4 showed her latest this week, and its a 45-minute ‘where are we all all now?!’ film.

Hannah followed top British dancer and choreographer Akram Khan as he began by questioning whether robots may supplant us, and ended up asking whether robots are in fact an extension of our souls!

How to put this into words? Khan didn’t have to, instead he turned it into a dance performance, beautifully shot in a semi-industrial open site. This is both a formal documentary, and an exploration of art to explain our own technical progress. 

Did you miss it? You can see ‘Can We Live With Robots’ now on All4

Moray CoulterComment