Hannah Berryman

Hannah is a documentary director known for thoughtful, beautifully shot, authored documentaries. From the boarding school boys, now men, of her Grierson-shortlisted BBC 'A Very English Education' (2014), to the upper class couples of Grierson-nominated BBC 'High Society Brides' (2011), to Pink Floyd's Roger Waters and the cockney kids now adults that sung on his famous record, of BBC 'The Brick In The Wall Kids', a film shortlisted for BAFTA (2008), Hannah has specialised in telling of peculiarly British past-tense idiosyncratic stories with a twist. Things never turn out quite how you imagine, and tell you about much more than you imagine.

She works with the best DoPs, but has also self-shot many of her films, such as the observational BBC2 'Meet Britain's Chinese Tiger Mums' (2012), and Channel Four Cutting Edge 'Bus Pass Workaholics' (2007), and shoots on Canon C300.

Hannah's Vimeo page