What would you have done?!


“You are starving in the Vilnius ghetto, and find a baby crying in the arms of its dead mother, what would you do? I mean it, what would *you* do?”

That is the question put to Stern & Wild director Nick Green by a nonagenarian Jewish revenger in his harrowing C4 60’ film Holocaust: the Revenge Plot .

A trained and motivated group of young European camp survivors planned in 1945 to murder 6 million German civilians in an ‘eye for an eye’ act of revenge for the Holocaust. Although their grand plan failed, it is believed that they still succeeded in poisoning hundreds of SS veterans to death as they were held in custody by the US authorities.

Beautiful reconstructions and jaw-dropping testimonies in this film which introduces a compelling new story within what we may imagine is a familiar subject. Nick, already a maker of Netflix original documentaries, is a master of epic historical themes.

Moray CoulterComment