World Premiere at Sheffield for Nick Read feature doc "Against The Tides"


Jeopardy-filled endurance swimming feature documentary “Against The Tides”, produced by BAFTA and EMMY finalist Nick Read, makes its world premiere at the Sheffield Documentary Festival on Friday June 8th.



Beth French is an extraordinary person: an ocean swimmer who was once a Buddhist nun, a single mother who loves adventures and an athlete who suffered from a crippling illness (M.E.) in her youth.

Against The Tides follows Beth on her journey to swim across the seven most dangerous sea-channels in the world, an official challenge called ‘Oceans Seven'. For extreme swimmers it’s the ultimate test; the equivalent to the seven peaks in mountaineering. Only a handful of people have ever completed it, but it took them many years. In October 2016, Beth set out on a historic race to swim all seven in a twelve-month period.

AGAINST THE TIDES is a feature documentary by the BAFTA and EMMY-nominated filmmaking team Nick Read & Stefan Stuckert.